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Our Technology

AquaVerti Farms is a Vertical Hydroponic Farm, practicing Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). This means that we grow our crops in water, not in soil. We stack our waterbeds vertically, one on top of the other, to make efficient use of our cubic space, not just our square footage.

Our Technology

The only thing that touches our leaves is a light breeze of filtered air.

Our crops are grown under specific conditions adapted to each cultivar.
vertical farm

How do our plants grow?

We grow our plants indoors, in a space where we control air temperature, water temperature, humidity, oxygen and CO2 levels, and ... our plants are sheltered from fluctuations and climate change. We are fortunate to be located in Quebec, where all our energy comes from renewable hydroelectricity. All the energy used by AquaVerti is 100% renewable. Our cultivation method ensures stable quality and constant supply. This makes us an important contributor to Quebec's food security.


less transportation required

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less water than traditional agriculture

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Why do we grow our crops in a controlled environment?

By using 100% renewable energy, we are able, for the first time in fourteen thousand years, to grow produce sustainably and at scale. AquaVerti's technology enables us to:
  • Contributing to local food security
  • Provide a stable supply chain protected from variations in the political environment and climate change
  • Maximize production with a year-round environment and the use of an entire cubic space
  • Protect the health of our community by eliminating all pesticides, herbicides and fungicides
  • Increase the freshness and nutritional quality of products
  • Reduce food waste with products that stay fresh for a longer period of time
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing transportation

AquaVerti Farms: Vertical Farming

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The Earth

In just 40 years, the world lost 30% of its arable land due to unsustainable agricultural practices. Vertical Farms use their cubic space. We keep our footprint small by stacking "our land".

94% less water


Traditional agriculture uses 70% of the world's fresh water. Vertical farming uses 94% less water than traditional farming. Our water contains the perfect nutrient formula for each crop. We recycle the heat produced by our lights to bring our water temperature to the perfect level.

An efficient workflow

The Air

Our HVAC is designed to give us the perfect mix of Temperature, Humidity and Air Flow.

the future of agriculture


Our plants are grown on floats which maximise our yield per square meter. We produce no greenhouse gases.

We grow healthy food for you and your family.